2017 AIDS Walk & Run Boston

During the 30th Annual Aids Walk Boston with  Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh
During the 30th Annual Aids Walk Boston with Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh

Team Peaches

Thank you for visiting the TeamPeaches Fundraising Page!

We are very excited to raise money and awareness as a team for AIDS Walk & Run Boston

#TeamPeaches has been participating in the #AIDSWALK&RUNBOSTON for the last four years. We continue to raise awareness and money for AIDS Action Committee.

You might ask, why we do it; well in 1988 our lives were affected by HIV/AIDS when our brother (son/uncle) Albert Mulett was diagnosed with HIV and he lost the battle against AIDS in November 10, 1994, at the age of 31 (when he had an entire life ahead of him). Little that we knew, a few years later our sister (daughter/aunt) Judith Ortiz was also diagnosed with HIV. We are grateful for all the advances that have been made throughout all these years, because we are still able to celebrate and be with Judith and just like she has had the opportunity to continue to fight this battle we want to fight this battle as well, for her, for those who still here with us, but especially for those who are no longer with us, so they are not forgotten.

Each dollar you donate helps AIDS Action Committee fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

When you donate to AIDS Walk & Run Boston, you support tangible efforts to prevent the spread of HIV and care for those already living with the disease. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DONATE TODAY.

  • $30 covers the cost of a client visit with a peer advocate, who provides a link to support services for health and well-being.
  • $60 covers the cost to provide an HIV test.
  • $100 sends a speaker to a middle or high school to share important prevention and education information
  • $300 provides free legal consultation for a client experiencing discrimination due to their HIV status.
  • $500 stocks the kitchen at the homeless youth drop-in center for an entire month.You'll be supporting their vital prevention efforts and direct services to people living with HIV.

Thank you for supporting #TeamPeaches in this year's fundraising efforts.

In memory of our beloved brother (son/uncle) Albert Mulett (1963-1994).


You can help us by:

Making a donation! Just click on one of our team members' names in the Team Roster to the right side of the page.

Joining us! It’s easy to sign up. Just click the button on the right that says "Join Team" to get started. When you get to choose a team, search for Team Peaches and join in.

We plan to update this page so you can follow our progress. Please browse the website to find out why the AIDS Walk & Run Boston is important.

Thank you for your support!


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