2017 AIDS Walk & Run Boston

Out Pfizer Employee Network

Thank you for visiting our Team Fundraising Page!

We are very excited to raise money and awareness as a team for AIDS Walk & Run Boston!

Pfizer is committed to improving health across all communities and we know medicine can't do it alone.  We need community organizations like AIDS Action Committee to make sure that health awareness and outreach are as important as access to quality medications.

You can help us by:

Making a donation! Just click on one of our team members' names in the list below.

Joining us! It's easy to sign up. Just click the button on the right that says "Join Team" to get started. When you get to choose a team, search for ours and join in.

We plan to update this page so you can follow our progress. Please browse the website to find out why the AIDS Walk & Run Boston is important.

Thank you for your support!

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